What is the Earspeakers ?

STAX has specialized in electrostatic audio equipment from world’s first condenser speakers to today and celebrated the 80th anniversary of the brand foundation in 2018.

STAX calls the electrostatic headphones developed in-house “earspeakers”. This system is capped “electrostatic type” or “condenser type”. The earspeakers vibrate and produce sound by generating static electricity on the diaphragm, the sound unit. Because electrostatic force is uniformly generated on the entire surface of the diaphragms against the voltage from the fixed electrodes, sound is less distorted. You can enjoy realistic sound as if real speakers are displayed next to your ears. For this reason, STAX earspeakers are loved by headphone lovers for many years.

発Compared to other headphones, the diaphragms are very thin. So divided vibration is rarely generated and imperceptible sound signals are truly reproduced. Because of the fixed electrodes installed on the both sides of the diaphragms, it is important to realize smooth and transparent sound. STAX has developed the ultra-thin diaphragms and the fixed electrodes which increase sound transparency and prevent sound reflection. STAX has manufactured audio products for more than 80 years. STAX’s technology is one and only.

All earspeakers and most of driver units are manufactured in our own company. The sound units, the most important part of earspeakers, may not work even if very small amount of dust comes in. STAX skilled engineers assemble sound units in the cleanroom where temperature and humidity is kept constant throughout the year. After assembly, the aging tests are conducted for 10 days and the sound units are finally installed in the earspeakers. Also for installing process, STAX skilled engineers assemble earspeakers and the aging tests are conducted. The aging tests are conducted for driver units, too. STAX production system provides only the products which pass the strict quality tests.

STAX in-house production has a strong advantage in repair and maintenance. The service engineers who totally know about STAX products rapidly troubleshoot. Our service enables you to enjoy STAX earspeakers for a long time.