The diaphragm film of the SR-003MK2, like the S-002, has become further thinner and more lightweight by about 15%. The SR-003MK2 is equipped with a STAX 5-pin PRO bias code, and it can be connected to a driver unit equipped with PRO bias output socket.


●Type: push pull electrostatic, canal-type in-the-earspeaker
●Frequency response : 20 – 20 kHz (±4dB)
●Static capacity : 44pF (including attached code)
●Sound pressure sensitivity : 110dB/100V r.m.s. / 1kHz
●Bias voltage : 550V – 580V
●Ear piece : L/M/S size made of silicone rubber (M size equipped at factory shipment)
●Cable : 5-pin for STAX PRO bias, 6-core parallel, total length 1.5m
●Weight : 38g (including code), 12g (main part only)
●Dimension: 28mm (diameter)
●Overhead arc weight : 15g